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Mark Bascin - Affiliate Ad Code Admin
PtcBox is the BEST PTC site ever created!!!
Mark Bascin - Affiliate Ad Code Admin
PtcBox is the BEST PTC site ever created!!!
Try Bascin Favorites Tester FREE Today!!! is the work of a single person. I have been developing web sites since 1997 when I first created the Readers Resource Center on I had moved that site and several others I created around from to in Australia, then to, and finally to in March 2000. I have had several different versions of including the PHP-Nuke CMS (Content Management System), drupal CMS, and several customized versions I developed myself.

   Over these last 10 years (with I have found that my own works seem to hit a cord with my visitors more than the CMS systems I had tried. This is the first time I have included an about page to explain just where has come from.

   I have had a few sites (Jokes4Free, Classifieds, Webs4Free, Lynx4Free, The Readers Resource Center) that occasionally were a hit with my visitors, and some were not so popular. I negotiated and signed a contract to provide the Hardware Links section of Microsoft's OEM System Builder website for a year in 2000-2001.

   I have been a software developer since 1998 when I first produced Library-Lynx, and News-Lynx which followed with Hardware-Lynx, and Software-Lynx all of which had a few different names I experimented with to determine which would be more popular. Driver-Lynx was featured in Fred Langa's Langa List, included on the CD in a book by Microsoft Press (Windows 2000 Expert Companion) as well as featured on several review websites. I have since dropped all of these Lynx programs due to the massive number of listings sites and search engines that are available to anyone who wants to search for libraries, newspapers, magazines, drivers, etc... To this day I still see a few hits a month on web logs where people are still trying to download these retired programs. I may release new final versions of some of them in the future if the demand is still there.

   It may surprise most of my visitors to know I am not formally trained as a programmer, or web developer. The only training I received on computers was in high school in the early 1980s where I learned Basic on Commodore CBM 4032 systems and a Commodore Vic 20. I not only trained myself in programming of several languages (HTML, PHP, Visual C++, Visual Basic, My SQL, and more), but I also trained myself in the building and repairing of PC's all without outside training. This only shows there are a lot of resources out there on the Internet if you really want to learn something new (as I did).

   My decision to learn programming, and web design came after an on the job accident (October 1995) left me unable to work for a few years while I was in and out of surgery (and therapy). It may not pay my bills (I do way too much charitable work) but I do earn a little from my self-taught skills. I am an administrator for a few web sites, and do some consulting work as well as the occasional web design job. While programming and web design could become a career for me, it remains a hobby for the foreseeable future.

   Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read through my about page.


   Mark Bascin

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